QSS 3901G High Speed Photo Printer

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Product Overview

Digital Imaging. Traditional Prints.

Our next generation high resolution silver halide photo systems are designed with the needs of a modern photo lab in mind. Capable of producing the highest quality prints, with more value-added services, a more efficient workflow, and lower overall costs, our line of traditional photo silver halide printers are the perfect photo lab solution.

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Up to 1480 6x4 prints an hour, double the capacity of comparable legacy systems!


40% smaller than similar silver halide systems.


Powerful image optimization for great looking prints every time.


Increase revnue streams with full size posters and panoramics, square prints, and thin paper capabilities standard on both the 3901G and 3904G.


Support for a wide variety of industry software and hardware input, or add our Noritsu EZ-Controller for even more options.