BlistAssist Blister Card Packager

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Product Overview

  • Occupies a small counter-top space to integrate well into the dispensary workflow.

  • Barcode scan and pill image driven process ensures the correct medication and strength are used.

  • An unparalleled ability to track lot numbers and expiry dates in manually prepared blister cards.

  • Light-guided pill-by-pill placement facilitates the preparation process.

  • Records pictures of every pill, providing peace of mind and security in the event of a recall or error claim.

  • Simplifies and accelerates verification using a unique exploded pill-by-pill view of each blister cup, thanks to an innovative layer process.

  • Verification can be done from mobile devices, giving you the freedom to perform the task anytime and anywhere.

  • Easy to learn process facilitates the on-boarding of new hires while ensuring consistent preparation accuracy.

  • Software monitors preparation progress, allowing the user to easily resume production after an interruption.

  • Users are required to log in with a password for traceability.

  • Compatible with most commonly used blister cards.